8 Questions To Ask When Engaging A Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider In Thailand



Partnering with a payroll outsourcing service provider should not be a case of a hit or miss – not if you carefully go through the process of selecting your prospects wisely. However, with the bevy of service providers in Thailand today, it could be quite overwhelming to discern which ones fit the bill and which ones deserve the boot. After all, each service provider has their own strengths and set of experiences deserving of careful consideration.

Here are some of the important questions to keep in mind to help you land the right payroll outsourcing service provider.

  1. Can you explain the types of payroll services you offer?

    It is important to know the different types of payroll services that each provider offers to be able to compare these to your own organisation’s needs and requirements. Know what is included in their service package and if they have related services that your organization may benefit from in the future.

  1. What kind of software are you using for your payroll platform? Is it easy to use?

    Find out the software that the service provider is in payroll processing. Most service providers now offer cloud-based platforms that may or may not be a good fit for your needs. Ask how this software works and what benefits it could offer your organisation in the long run. More importantly, make sure that the payroll platform can be used conveniently and can easily give you access should you need to see any report or specific details.

  1. Do you provide any add-on services?

    There are some payroll outsourcing service providers who offer add-on services that can be integrated with the payroll solution that they also offer. Some of these add-on services include time and attendance, accounts, HR, leave tracking, recruitment modules, and performance management modules. There are service providers who also offer a full spectrum of payroll solutions, so make sure to know if having all these solutions is what your organisation actually needs to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

  1. Will you assign a payroll manager to my company?

    There are service providers who assign a dedicated payroll professional to handle the client’s account. Ask to meet this individual personally to assess his or her qualifications and how equipped he or she is to handle your requirements and any challenges that may arise. Make sure this individual knows your industry and is capable and knowledgeable enough to handle any issues that may come up.

  1. Aside from me, who has access to my organisation’s data?

    Data integrity and security is very important, so make sure your service provider can provide you with the list of individuals who will have access to your payroll data. Apart from you, will your employees have access, too? Which data can they access? Should you be concerned when there are people other than you who can access such data? It is important that the service provider will be able to maintain transparency when data access is concerned.

  1. Do you provide any additional support should I need it?

    Customer support services are a must when you need to ask your service provider some questions about payroll and other related concerns. Ask if support is available when you need it and make sure you are provided with a complete list of communication channels that can be conveniently accessed should you need to contact your service provider at any given time.

  1. How much experience do you have in the payroll outsourcing industry? Who are your clients?

    Ask the level of experience the service provider has in the industry and make sure they have a considerable amount of experience handling companies that are similar to your organisation. If possible, know the backgrounds of the team that will handle your account and the results they have achieved. It is essential as well to know the clients the service provider has handled.

  1. How affordable are your payroll services?

    Ask about the service provider’s payment scheme and make sure you will be provided with a complete breakdown of payment details. There are service providers who charge with a flat fee, whilst there are those who charge per employee. Make sure as well that the pricing is transparent, meaning there are no hidden costs.

The right payroll outsourcing service provider can be your partner for business success  

Gather all the information you’ve learned from your prospective service providers and compare how their services, qualifications, and costing match with your requirements and company budget. Remember that it is important to partner with a competent and reputable payroll outsourcing service provider who can help manage your company with more efficiency. The right service provider will be able to provide more value for your money on the services it offers, whilst helping you focus better on growing your business.

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